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General Anxiety

Break-up "Anxiety is repeatedly re-experiencing failure in advance" - Seth Godin. General anxiety is caused due to excessive and exaggerated worries about everyday life. That said, there happen to be no absolute, concrete, or logical reasons behind this worry. Individuals who are said to be experiencing this kind of anxiety often do so because they tend to assume that anything they say or participate in will have a poor or disastrous outcome. It is this acute fear of facing situations in one's day-to-day life that causes one physical discomfort, as well as an unexplained stress. One may, at times, even fail to identify the cause behind their uneasiness, which may add to the intensity of the situation.
Our constant feeling of helplessness while facing any situation can further hamper various aspects of our lives such as our work-front, relationships with our family and friends, as well as our self-esteem among others. General anxiety manifests itself both psychologically as well as physically in ways such as: feelings of restlessness, an unrealistic perceptions towards life's challenges, emotional irritability, a disputed sleep cycle i.e., lack or excess of sleep, difficulty concentrating, sweating, headaches, nausea, muscle tension, and tiredness among others, and it may be a result of one's genes, the way their mind functions, or even certain environment factors for that matter.
While undergoing general anxiety, one of the most important things for one to remember is that it is a frame of mind that can be changed with the guidance of a therapist. It is not a disease, but a challenge that is treatable. One of the ways by which one can combat general anxiety is by sharing their concerns. This will boost their self-confidence and help them to become stronger individuals. Alongside seeking help from a professional, periodic physical exercise, a balanced diet, as well as stress management techniques such as yoga and meditation further help one to overcome this state and discover relief and happiness!

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