Pursuit of Happiness

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Who doesn't want to be happy? Happiness is something that happy people are always looking to increase or amplify, while those lacking it are always trying to find. However, in this complex, quick fix, and fast paced world, it is becoming increasingly difficult for one to be truly content. While it may be natural, and rather convenient for us to assume that our happiness mostly depends upon various external factors such as money, public attention, material comforts, and other luxuries; it actually has a lot to do with our own attitudes and perspectives towards things in life.
An unexplained sadness, envy, jealousy, lack of meaning or depth, or even cluelessness are some of the things we may experience while trying to gain happiness. These add to our state of feeling directionless, and as much as we all may want to remain in a happy frame of mind at all points in our lives, may-a-times this desire of ours gets overshadowed due to us feeling helpless. Happiness is said to be a state of mind. Fear of failure, dwelling in the past, worrying too much about the future, stressing over perfectionism, lack of support, as well as physical health among others are certain factors that can negatively impact our happiness quotient.
Some of the ways in which we can overcome our barriers and achieve contentment are - increasing self-awareness, investing in the right people, taming our thoughts by reminding ourselves that we can choose to change things for the better, physical wellbeing, as well as practising of mindfulness. We all, as humans, deserve to experience genuine happiness, and so, by having a positive outlook towards ourselves as well as our life's situations, we will make it easier for us to experience happiness in its purest form and achieve a state of true joyfulness.