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Umme Fareeha

Shivakshi is best counsellor . I appreciate her work towards healing , listening and guiding a person to right path . It’s important to reach out counsellors during unprecedented time who not only helps secure mental health but also provide deep care and affection .


Kavita Bisht

Really helped me navigate through difficult times in life. Listening to oneself, gives fresh perspective and courage to take on challenges. My therapist Shivakshi has been Godsend and is still helping me move forward in life... I feel extremely grateful towards BetterLyf for enabling and empowering me on my life's journey


Gurmeet Kaur

The counceller was really polite and took patience is understanding my issue like no one did. I think its working.


Colette Michael

My feedback is for Medha Shah, I have been with her since November last year for my anxiety and panic attack issues. I have gone through a lot of improvement. Even today when things do not go well she is the first person to reach out to. She is not just a good listener but helps with one issue at a time and tries to give simple yet effective ways to overcome stress and anxiety.


Rashmi Sonarkar

I have had a great experience with BetterLyf right from the beginning. Being an online counseling, I was a little worried at first but all the fear vanished away as soon as the sessions came along. I am grateful to have found the right help during a difficult time.


Soumyadip Roy

During the last few 14 days of the Quarantine period it was an unbearable pain, overwhelming anxiety and hopelessness and then I reached out to BetterLYF. What I have learned that healing is a gradual process. It takes time but you have made a wise decision by willing to search for something to counter what's bothering you, please don't be impatient. Betterlyf has helped me till now, as the counselor as an empathetic witness guides me to love myself.


Sreyoshi Guha

I’d reached a point where I felt ill equipped to deal with my anxiety which in turn was manifesting itself in physical distress! At my daughters request, I reached out for therapy. I was blessed to have been connected with ‘Shahana’! She literally ‘hand-held me’ patiently, guiding me, albeit in ‘baby steps’ to confront my trepidations, fears and deal with them by exercises. Her patience and empathy (in constantly reassuring me that ‘I’m ‘normal’ as are my fears) is gradually allowing me to regain the ‘old me’! YES, I’m a long way away from being completely healed but the years of ‘emotional turmoil’ can’t disappear like a whiff of smoke, can it! I’d like to thank Betterlyf AND more importantly Shahana, for enabling me to begin thinking of a BETTER LIFE for me. God bless and warm regards.


Nibedita Upadhyai

I am really grateful to have discovered Betterlyf when I needed it the most and so far I have been having a really smooth ride with you guys and I am glad to have found a counselor like Medha. Keep up the good work guys.


Simran Jeet

I just feel so alive while I talk to my counsellor. She actually understands me and connects with me. I am very much thankful to you medha mam. The app name suits them completely better lyf it’s actually make our life better . Thank you again.....♥️


Oliver Newman

Best and professional counselor. Betterlyf gave me a lot of hope, and ideas about what I want to do next in my life. Helps me get a clear picture of my problems and guided me in the best way. Thanks.


Muskan Goswami

It feels so good to see your team working so dedicatedly towards helping people bring happiness and peace in their lives.


Anurag Singh

The way BetterLYF’s psychologists helped me in getting over my fear for exams is commendable. Thank you so much BetterLYF!


shivendra pratap singh

Real Angels to me, what I think about DIAL MY ANGEL. In the age of Social Media, they are actually one who are always there when you want to share your thoughts and need suggestions. I want to say thanks to whole team, You are doing a very divine work.


Swati Chauhan

I almost lost my relationship due to some misunderstandings and the differences are getting bigger. I really need counselling to save my relationship, I found Dial My Angel and seriously they understand my points and also helped me to get over all the misunderstandings. Thank you for the help guys. Keep it up.


Ashwani Singh

In this era, no matter with how many friends and colleagues you are surround and what I felt they understand you less but surely make a Gossip about it. Hats off to you guys for providing such amazing service. At least now I can open my heart without any hesitation and get a proper revert as well. Once again Thanks a ton.


Ruchi Gaur

The experts at Dial My Angel helped me gain clarity and be happy. They helped me vent out, change negative thoughts and my stress was gone! The whole process was very rewarding for me. Thank you Dial My Angel, you are awesome!

Age 23, UPSC Aspirant


Taking online therapy helped to clear all the confusions, questions, etc. The techniques which my therapist advised me are immensely helpful and I am able to calm my mind easily now.

Age 36, Surgeon


I sought help to deal with interpersonal skills at work and personal life. Therapy helped me realise how I think and the root cause of my actions that eventually affect my relationships.

Age 33, Healthcare


I feel no one can see the real me. Not even my husband, not even the previous therapists but with Counselor Vrinda I'm feeling much comfortable.

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