Refine the Art of Connecting With Your Partner

Ever wondered what is the reason that the fights that you have with your partner run in circles. Nothing seems like enough when it comes to communication and constant attempts at reconciling go in vain. In a state of agitation and anger calming down the mental horses also seem almost impossible. Isn’t it?

Over the course of our Couple thrive workshop; you can enhance the quality of your relationship with your partner. Facilitated by our experienced relationship counselor, this interactive program will encourage participants to learn, develop and practice positive relationship skills in their life.

Couple thrive will allow you to:

  • Foster affection, trust, and commitment in your relationship
  • Re-focus on the positives of your partner
  • Build and share a deeper connection with each other’s inner world
  • Create shared meaning, life goals, and dreams.
  • Share appreciation and fondness for each other.
  • Identify your relationship’s specific strengths and how to build on them
  • Breakthrough and resolve conflict gridlock
  • Strengthen and maintain the successes in your relationship

Who Can Benefit from it: All couples or individual partners - same-sex and heterosexual, long term married or de-facto, new, engaged or starting again later in life couples.

How it Works

  • Couples/Individuals work privately on exercises designed to address the challenges in their relationship. Our counselors will be available to support you one-on-one during exercises. This work does not involve group work or any disclosure.
  • Relationships require constant work/effort in terms of managing expectations of self and the other. Thrive will allow you to understand the dynamics of your relationship, to get an insight about the times when you both get stuck in a negative rut, to see how your emotional triggers manifest and play a role in the cold war and most importantly, how to repair what’s broken.

In a span of a few weeks’ time, we will work through the following levels of relationship building.

Identifying the pressure points in the relationship:

  • Identification /discussion of problem concerns & Goal setting
  • Conflict resolution/ trust-building/ Intimacy or communication Strengthening work
  • Individual work/needs vs Couple needs
  • Challenges and Common grounds to connect

Introducing Our First Self-Help Book

"She had become so cold overnight, I couldn't believe she wasn't coming back this time. I didn't know what to do, what to say to make things okay anymore. If only I could say the right things maybe Preeti would have stayed."

With this book, we bring you several real stories. Few are a reflection of first-hand or vicarious experiences, others are inspired by break up cases helped by the counsellors at BetterLYF.

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