Latika was in a relationship with Harsh for 3 years. They both were great together, but she always had an insecurity for the future. Their relationship started to get rocky and had their fair share of fights. She wanted to get married to him. Her world took a 360 degree turn when he finally broke up with her because of her insecurities. She was shattered and felt lost for a few days. The idea of a future without him was crushing. She had made so many plans for her life with him.

She was not able to focus on her work and started taking leaves. Her normal life felt empty now. She felt lost most of the time. She kept thinking about him all day. She was overcome with feelings of guilt and regret of how she could have done things differently, acted more maturely, been calmer instead of angry and possessive, invested more quality time with him. She sent texts to him apologizing for her behaviors when she felt insecure and promised to change for him but to no avail. For her, it felt like a rough patch that they could overcome and she was willing to make the efforts but Harsh had made his decision.

How Counselor Shreya helped her feel better

  • Counselor Shreya gave Latika a safe space where she could grieve for her loss
  • She was allowed to give vent to her unanswered questions, doubts, and feelings of guilt and regret

Her fears and insecurities within the relationship were explored. Her past relationships were discussed to gain an insight

How Latika felt better

  • Through therapy, Latika’s insecurities were worked upon and resolved
  • Coping strategies for dealing with this phase were discussed
  • Armed with new insights, she was able to gain a new perspective regarding her patterns and behaviors

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