Discrimination Not Promoted

Ritika was stuck in the same role for 3 years. Sharp and responsible, she was confident that she is better than others and suited for next level. When she didn’t get promoted again, she assumed that her boss didn’t want a female in a lead role and she made up her mind to quit.

Realizations through probing & active listening

  • She not only believed that she was smarter than others but also communicated it with Sarcasm & Authority
  • Her presence threatened other team members and made her unpopular
  • Her Manager had hinted that although Ritika had all the expertise and skills but she won’t be able to manage and motivate team

How Ritika was helped

  • Interpersonal skills was the key area that needed development, and Ritika learnt healthy and empathetic communication skills
  • Role plays - What is Assertive and What becomes Aggressive
  • Not assuming that a member would know everything and cultivating patience to explain

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