He Doesn’t Hit me, BUT

25 year old Saniya was in a 3 year relationship with Anuj. While Anuj would be romantic and caring at times, he would often shout at Saniya and hold her responsible for things that would go wrong in his life. It was apparently HER Fault that “he didn’t get promoted” or that “his friends mistreated him”. Saniya was sort of a punching bag for Anuj to vent out his frustration. Strangely, he would apologise for it later and often say “I know you are not the best, but I love you just the same”. For 3 years she struggled with emotional turmoil & couldn’t understand if Anuj loved her or not.

Saniya soon started losing confidence, avoiding friends and eventually stopped believing in herself. She somewhere started believing she DESERVES to be treated this way because she Wasn’t good enough to be loved. It was fine, till Saniya realized NOBODY deserves to be treated like this and that she was a victim of emotional Abuse.

How Counselor Liza helped her uphold Self Esteem & regain Self Worth

  • Exploring her feelings and pain that she had been experiencing from past 3 years – Letting her Vent.
  • Understanding her idea of a healthy relationship and challenging irrational thoughts based on her experience with Anuj
  • Knowing her idea about relationships and that it should involve love, respect and support, her belief whether this relationship was abuse or love was questioned.
  • She was afraid she would not be able to find any other person
  • She was afraid to share the flaws of her relationship and partner with anyone. They always thought she’s in a perfect relationship

How Saniya felt better

  • Saniya, with slow insight development recognized the signs of an unhealthy relationship, her feelings of anxiety and fear lessened.
  • With probing questions, her insight was developed and her confidence in herself was restored.
  • With various coping and relaxation techniques her self- doubts and level of stress was minimized.
  • She started believing in herself and her strength and saw how her relationship was an abusive one.

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