I don’t compare my Partner but he doesn’t love me as much as I do

Rohit was very distressed about the regular fights he had with his wife. He experienced irritability, lethargy and low mood consistently for more than 2 years. Main reason that made him so upset was that his wife always compared him to her friend’s husbands. Whatever he did fell short of her expectations. He stated “even if I got groceries for the evening, there would be something wrong or maybe I was never good enough for her”.

How Counselor Shivani helped in restoring strength in the marriage

  • Rohit was extremely stressed and was experiencing low level of self esteem. Firstly he was very resistant to talk about his concerns however he opened up when a safe space was provided where he could express his feelings openly
  • His dominant thought process was what if she doesn't love me, “I am not enough for her”
  • He tried communicating, but it always ended in a fight, his wife saying she never compared him to anyone.
  • He was highly insecure about himself and his relationship.

How Rohit felt better

  • Through person centred approach the client was made to feel safe and comfortable, allowing Rohit to Vent and open up.
  • Couple counseling was initiated so that Rohit could express how his wife’s actions affected him and his wife could express what led her to experience dissatisfaction in the marriage so that the strength of the relationship could be restored.
  • With the help of emotional regulation and stress management, he developed better perspective and insight on how to handle the negative emotions he experienced.
  • Communication skills were also improvised so as to restore the bond between Rohit and his wife.

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