I Want To RESIGN For Personal Reasons

Ashish was struggling at his workplace for last 6 months. He was trying to give his 100% but was still told time and again that he was not working up to the mark. He used to feel a knot in his stomach nowadays whenever he woke up in the morning. He felt uneasy and restless every time his boss called him to give feedback or ask for updates. The workload was becoming unmanageable. No sooner than one task gets over, he is given a pile of other assignments. It was difficult to keep a track and the list of assignments to be completed only seemed to be getting longer over time. He felt that his boss was not understanding of his workload but cared more about number of targets achieved in a day. He had a draft of resignation letter ready.

But all he could write the reason for his resignation was- PERSONAL REASONS.

How Counselor Chetana helped in managing stress at work

  • Allowing him to vent regarding the frustration and anxiety he has been experiencing
  • Identifying controllable and uncontrollable aspects at his job
  • Relaxation techniques were introduced to ease the anxiety and stress
  • Through therapy it was uncovered that he has developed feelings of being inadequate and lost confidence because of negative feedback, he was afraid that he might be fired from his job so he felt that he should rather quit
  • Learning to be assertive

How Ashish felt better

  • Ashish was able to reduce his feelings of anxiety by practicing deep breathing exercises
  • Healthy work boundaries were established where realistic targets were set
  • Instead of feeling demotivated when he couldn’t complete an assignment, he started keeping his boss updated about the time frame required for an assignment and reason for not being able to finish a task, if any.
  • Work life balance was explored to include rejuvenation and recreation into his daily routine

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