Interaction With Opposite Sex

30 year old Nikhil was facing challenges at his workplace, it was hard for him to sit with females in the same conference room, but talking or initiating a conversation with one of co-workers felt to him like an impossible task. Working with female colleagues made him nervous and skittish. The difficulty in speaking to opposite gender was so much that it affected his work efficiency.

How Counselor Neha helped him boost his self confidence

  • Nikhil’s feelings of discomfort and the challenges he faced in interacting with opposite gender was explored- he stated “I feel what if they judge me, and I am not a very good looking person”
  • It was observed he had high levels of insecurity and past unpleasant experiences that prevented him to be comfortable.
  • He was under confident and didn’t want to experience any more awkward conversations

How Nikhil Felt Better

  • Nikhil was made comfortable and then with functional disputes i.e questioning whether the facts are accurate, his thoughts “I am not good looking” , “I am judged”, were challenged and emotional insight was developed.
  • Through the technique of graded exposure - starting from minimal contact with one, most approachable female colleague then moving to two then to groups of colleagues- his confidence and comfort was established

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