My Parents Want Me To Be Happy But...

Garima felt suffocated at her home. She was demotivated by her father for small things. Her parents gave preference to her brother for everything since childhood. She was always trying hard to win their affection and attention but her experiences led her to feel neglected, isolated and rejected.

She had developed trust issues and would often feel defensive and angry if any of her friends acted in a way that was not up to her expectations. She suffered from bouts of crying spells in her home environment.

How Counselor Harshali helped her deal with Parental Neglect

  • Counselor provided Garima with unconditional positive regard and gave her safe space to express herself fully
  • Through therapy it was found out that Garima had a fear of abandonment in her romantic relationship due to her experiences
  • Positive influencers in her life were identified like her partner and Dance Coach who believed in her.
  • Her feelings of neglect and fear of abandonment were explored

How Garima felt better

  • Psychoeducation was provided to gain insight into her childhood experiences and their manifestations in her other areas of life
  • Her overall sense of self was explored in depth and her strengths were identified
  • Through Creative therapy mainly music and dance therapy, Garima was able to express her feelings of anger and frustration towards her parents

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