My Partner Doesn’t Break Up With Me But

Anu was going through emotional turmoil for the past 1 month. She has been in a relationship for 1 year and last month when she disclosed to her boyfriend about her past relationship where she was physically involved, it seems that all hell broke loose. Her partner has been unable to accept and digest the fact that she was intimately involved for 5 years. Since then the relationship has been going downhill. He had started ignoring her calls and would reply to her messages in one word. He would get angry for small reasons and begin bringing up her past with every fight. This was making Anu feel agitated and anxious about her relationship. She felt helpless when he acted in a rude manner and was not willing to understand her.

How Counselor Shivani helped her gain perspective

  • Anu was allowed to openly express her agitation and anxiety about her relationship
  • Her relationship concerns had started affecting her concentration at work. She was constantly ruminating over their fights
  • An understanding of her idea of relationships was established
  • Her core values and belief systems were explored in detail

How Anu felt better

  • Distress tolerance skills were identified for Anu to help her deal with the stress she was facing
  • Counselor helped her gain perspective regarding her situation and Consequence analysis was done
  • Her boundaries in relationship were explored which helped her gain clarity regarding her situation
  • Counselor facilitated in decision making process

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