Spillover Between Work & Personal Life

Sahil found it hard to manage his long working hours and family life. His relationship with his co-workers was deteriorating and he had become irregular at work.

Observations through probing & active listening

  • His inconsistent involvement in family and guilt trips of missing out on his young daughter’s childhood often left him feeling frustrated and non engaged at work.
    “My wife and me would hardly talk now, I would come home with work, because I couldn’t finish a report on time and she would often end up feeling a lack of support to bring up our child”
  • His colleagues were often left confused with his new changed behavior, as he would never bring up his new found struggles managing home and relationships.

How Sahil bounced back

  • Guilt was managed by his communication style and pattern with his wife
  • Also, scheduling small regular rituals to not miss on the bond
  • Anger Management & Relaxation techniques to manage frustration

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