Work Life Imbalance

Avinash was facing difficulty in balancing work and family responsibilities so much so that his wife has developed a negative attitude when she sees him giving priority to his job rather than her and their daughter. She has stopped expecting him to show up for any family engagements. He comes home late at night and is too tired to spend time with them. On weekends he just wanted to spend time by himself or meet his friends due to which his wife felt angry, lonely, neglected and unloved.

How work life imbalance affected Avinash

There were constant conflicts between Avinash and his wife Soumya regarding the lack of quality time spent as a couple and parents. Avinash frequently missed their dinner dates and their daughter Preeti’s school functions and Soumya was left to give excuses to Preeti or her family when he was absent. Avinash had stopped explaining the reasons as Soumya would take them as excuses. This led to increase in arguments and was further affecting him at work.

How Counselor Nandita helped restore balance

  • Through practicing time management, planning and priority setting, Avinash was able to manage his tasks at office more efficiently
  • Stress management and compartmentalizing helped him to become more productive and have healthy discussions with Soumya rather than constant bickering and playing the blame game
  • Through couple counseling, healthy communication was established where both partners could express how they were feeling because of this situation.
  • In the counseling session, it was discussed that after leaving from office and on weekends, couple and family time was given priority

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