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Wellness Programs will help you understand your emotions, challenge assumptions and develop life skills. You will discover a more confident & secure self. The programs blend years or research, proven therapies and thousands on real therapy sessions. Our programs are inspired by CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and Positive Psychology amongst other therapeutic techniques.

These programs will take you through various stages such as Probing, Reflecting, Goal Setting, Practicing new behaviors and measuring progress.

Unlimited access for a week for USD 25

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Interactive exercises help you build life skills and coping skills based on clinically proven techniques of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and other therapeutic approaches.

You can build a more confident self, enhance relationships, balance work and life, cope with a rough phase of life, overcome anxiety and more with help of these therapy based exercises. Anonymous. Anytime. Unlimited.

  1. ​They help us understand our concerns in a ​very ​structured manner​. They make us probe deeper into why we may be struggling and how to overcome it.​ ​
  2. Thought provoking activities and reflective exercises would help address each concern through daily as well as weekly tasks. ​
  3. You would also receive support through self-help articles and tips delivered to your inbox from our counselors to help you stay focus and motivated.

This innovative self-help program gives you practical tools for building self-confidence, healthy relationships, overcoming anxiety, and coping with stress. You may have a look at our interactive exercises page that would walk you through concerns we can help you deal with through ​Interactive Exercises. ​
We will soon be adding Work Life Balance.​

​The first few probing steps are free, but in order to overcome/build on the same through our exercises and activities, you would need to enroll in the program. ​You can get unlimited​ weekly subscription ​to ALL the the interactive exercises for USD 25 only. You can purchase the subscription through our website by online banking/Credit Card/Debit Card/PayTm.​

After a week, you would need to subscribe again to our interactive exercises in order to continue to access them. Remember, healing ​ may take longer for some concern types​​. An access for a week is not indicative of standard time to build/cope with any concern.​

​You can also connect to our counselors you can chat with them or call them.

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Yes, you can take the same exercise as many times ​as you like ​through your subscription period.​

Yes, it includes an access to all the exercises. You can avail assistance to cope/build on various concerns simultaneously.​

Disclaimer: - The Exercises are not recommended for serious or chronic clinical concerns or if you are experiencing severe symptoms.

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