Do I Need Counselling?

We say,

I’m strong enough

I can handle it

I have friends and family

And I’m absolutely not going crazy.

There lie so many emotions and thoughts behind "I’m fine", so much of holding up behind the smile. Hence, most of us reach out for help at our breaking point.

Ever wonder why?

It’s sad, but we grew up NOT treating mind as a part of our body. Nothing else justifies the indifferent treatment that’s bestowed on our mind. Counseling is NOT for crazies, it never was.

Counseling is for ANYONE, for EVERYONE who may be bothered by a short term, temporary tough phase. Or for anyone dealing with a chronic, long-standing challenge that’s taking a toll on them.

So what can counseling help with?

who needs counseling

Can it help with a difficult childhood where the parents, peers, close ones didn’t quite understand you and let you down?

Will it help overcome the so called “Failures” that seem bigger than they actually are?

Can it help us move on after the first relationship fails to deliver what it promised to? When we feel love has evaded us and loneliness has crept in.

When it’s difficult to trust a significant other or a spouse, can a counselor help us understand why and how of our feelings?

Or when you fail to trust yourself to deliver your best at work, relationship or family, and overwhelmed while managing all? The guilt of “not doing much” has hit you hard.

When you question your capability and your self-worth has gone for a toss because a significant other doubted your ability?

Can it help you make tough decisions when there seems to be a rift between how you feel and what you believe? Or say live with those decisions that didn't quite go well?

Just in case you are wondering, the answer to all of the above is YES.

We often have people wonder, “Why Me?” when life hits them hard.

The inflicted hurt seems to have been caused by an uncontrollable entity. And thus seeking help is never an option.

Whereas often in psychotherapy, we untangle the complex thinking patterns and biases that we develop over time naturally. To quote a few,

Bottled up past hurt can be the cause of unusual anger

Unmet expectations can cause biases leading to a distorted pattern of decision making

Absence of communication and presence of assumptions can complicate a relationship

Out of The Comfort Zone

Do I Need Counseling

Changes like moving to a new city or country, starting a new phase of life such as college or job Beginning or end of a relationship can cause unpleasant experiences and loneliness.

Feeling lost when you experience grief, or when you have been feeling angry often for the reasons unknown. When things seem to be going well, but still unhappiness or discontentment sets in, and when there are days you just don’t feel "yourself".

When you have decisions to make to be a parent or not, to marry or not, to leave the partner or not, or when there’s an opinion you’ve been carrying for a long time.

And to sum up-when your thoughts and emotions get in the way to hinder the best of you.

When Friends & Family may not be able to help

Mental illness

Talking to friends and family can always be therapeutic, but-

When you fear sharing how you feel because you’re embarrassed, or you will be judged or they won’t GET IT,

When their advice or suggestions don’t resonate with what your heart wants and

When you are left feeling misunderstood or not understood at all.

Counseling provides professional expertise in a safe space for your concerns that employs therapeutic techniques and aids that helps you heal from past hurts, overcome difficult thought patterns, give you a fresh perspective and empower you into a better self with preparedness to face future challenges.

If you want to understand where did a thought, action, emotion originate, then counseling helps to put the pieces of your life puzzle together.

Counseling sessions can be used as a great tool to enhance SELF AWARENESS. As when you understand yourself better, you make better decisions, become more aware of your trigger points, identify opportunities to improve and navigate through life. It can help turn a challenging life situation/transition into a period of growth and change.

Thus, ANYONE can need counseling at ANYTIME. We don’t have to be “crazy” to need it.