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Sometimes life gets tough, for everyone. Relationships go sour, work gets stressful, loneliness creeps in or anxiety and depression take over. Those who are familiar with Counseling & Therapy, hesitate and those who are not, struggle. Well, no more.

BetterLYF.com is an Helpline for stress & anxiety and is here to help people cope. The platform allows people to seek help over Phone, Chat, Video and connect with a trained psychologist instantly so they can explore difficult feelings and learn how to manage negative thoughts or emotions, without having to reveal their identity.

BetterLYF.com provides easy access, convenience, privacy and affordability for a service that many people need but do not receive. BetterLYF serves as a safe space for them to talk it all out.

We offer a comprehensive list of online services including counseling and Interactive Self Help Programs designed by professional psychologists to help overcome personal & professional challenges.

Harry (Screen Name), a client who was going through work stress says, “I didn't want to share it with family and friends as it was personal and coincidently came across BetterLYF. My counselor brought in a unique perspective!”

Since its inception, our counselors have responded to over 100,000 distress calls worldwide seeking their assistance with Relationship Conflicts, Work Stress, Self Esteem, Depression, Anxiety, Breakups, Parenting and more. Over 95% of clients have reported a positive change in their mental and emotional health after using the platform. We have helped people rediscover happiness in over 500 cities across 62 countries.

Indian entrepreneur, Vikram Beri and his wife Anumeet are the minds behind this platform which was a result of their belief that happiness is a fundamental need and that small matters can turn into complicated negative thought patterns, if left unattended. “I don’t know anyone who hasn’t experienced stress, be it work, relationships or health. We cannot always confide with family and friends. While counseling can help, the hassle of finding a competent counselor, making appointments and traveling makes it all the more difficult.”

The core of our approach is very similar to Dr. Viktor Frankl’s research work, that while we cannot choose our circumstances, we can choose how we react to them or what we want to do about them. We therefore work with our clients very closely to understand their thought patterns, help them identify the irrational thoughts and develop skills to replace it with a positive thought and subsequently a positive action.

Renowned psychologist Alfred Adler gave a theory according to which every individual experiences feelings of inferiority as infants and spend the rest of their adult lives trying to compensate for those feelings.

However the feelings of inferiority might persist in varying degrees and for some it might serve as a motivating factor to strive to become better, while some might be crippled by these feelings of inferiority and develop self doubt and negative self talk which further deteriorates our self confidence. In certain cases, an individual might overcompensate for these feelings of inadequacy and develop a superiority complex where they perceive themselves to be better than others.

Loneliness is a commonly cited stressor and one of the psychological theories that explain the distress faced by us when we feel isolated is Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs where after our basic physical needs of hunger, thirst and sleep are fulfilled, we have other needs like that of belongingness and love which is why as human beings we require intimacy and emotional connection. This theory also throws light on why we have the innate desire to be accepted by others. Life experiences including break up, separation,divorce or loss of a loved one may cause an individual to experience emotional and physical distress and cause them to fluctuate between levels of the hierarchy.

Similarly, the kind of attachment style we have with our parents in our childhood influences our pattern of relationships with all other relationships that we have in future. It mostly impacts our bond with our partner, where we replicate the style, anxiousness of interaction, expectation of fulfilment of need and happiness from them.

Our Counselors work with various techniques and approaches in order to work through a vicious thought pattern, resolve difficult feelings of guilt anger resentment or worry, or simply portray a different perspective to a tough situation to make it feel comfortable.

Well now, a better life is just a click away.



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