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The female population makes for almost half of the world's population. It is of utmost importance that women also enjoy equal opportunities in all walks of life and have true freedom to make their own choices and decisions. Women are known to have made extraordinary contribution in making the world as we see it today, be it Mother Teresa, Marie Curie, Betty William, Virginia Woolf, and many others, who fought for their rights and stood up for their beliefs against all odds, or Kalpana Chawla, Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal, Indra Nooyi etc who broke down all the barriers in their paths to become successful and influential women. Despite all this, there are still women who get so caught up in their domestic lives that they forget about themselves and their dreams.

Be it cultural inhibitions, lack of financial support, lack of opportunities, gender based discrimination or personal responsibilities, women often give up on themselves, their passions, dreams and aspirations. Women empowerment in society facilitates to bring equality for both genders and helps women by providing them strength and courage to become the decisionmaker of their own lives. Women empowerment in India has gained strength with the help of organisations working for the welfare of women by providing them with all the needed support.

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Adolescence can be a very challenging time for girls as they are undergoing so many physical and hormonal changes. There are a lot of female specific issues that are considered taboo and are talked about in a hushed manner, which makes it very difficult to get the right guidance. At this stage it can be very healthy to have someone to talk to in an open and safe space.

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Career Choices

Most women are still not encouraged to give their careers top priority and are supposed to have a job mostly as a hobby or as a source of extra income. They are primarily supposed to take care of the family’s needs, which can be especially stressful for women who love their jobs and choose to focus on their careers. These are personal choices which should be accepted and respected.

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Marriage is a big change in a women's life as they have to adjust in a completely new family and take many new responsibilities. And for some working women getting married is added pressure from family and society. Through understanding and communication we are able to find some common grounds and create amicable atmosphere around us .

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Childbirth is nothing short of a miracle and can be a life altering experience for a lot of women but for some, pregnancy can be quite distressing as well. And unplanned pregnancies within as well as outside of marriage can be particularly stressful. By keeping a positive and rational outlook towards life decisions we are better able to handle such stressful situations.

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Gender Based Discrimination

We hear so much about women empowerment and how it is the need of the hour but still women all across different strata of society encounter some or the other form of gender based discrimination. It happens at home, school, college and even in offices. It can be very helpful to have a strong support system and we as a community need to acknowledge women as equals.

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Pregnancy is a beautiful yet challenging journey and hence it is necessary to be mentally prepared for the physical as well as emotional changes that accompany this phase. Undoubtedly having a baby is a beautiful gift but it's important to set realistic expectations from this experience to better prepare oneself for the onslaught of changes that a woman undergoes.

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Family Conflicts

Conflicts are commonplace and occur when there are disagreements or clashes about ideologies, beliefs etc, and families are no exception to it either. In a society like ours, where we mostly have joint families, such situations are nothing new, especially among -in. Positive conflict resolution and open communication are the pillars of healthy, happy relationships.

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Feeling Beautiful

The definition of beauty is quite subjective. As it's said that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, the idea is not to view yourself from other people's eyes but to see yourself through your own perspective as a unique individual. No matter what size one wears, or what color our skin is, we are beautiful just the same. Let's not other people's perspective of beauty diminish our self esteem and sense of self-worth.

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