Adolescence can be a very challenging time for girls as they are undergoing a lot of changes. Out of the lot, physical and hormonal changes are few to be named. There are a lot of female specific issues that are considered taboo like menstruation, attraction towards the opposite sex, gradual increase in the way one looks like etc. and are talked about in a hushed manner, mostly with friends of the same age or wanting to keep those thoughts to oneself due to fear of being evaluated critically, ashamed of, or being put down. This makes it very difficult to get the right guidance, the things that can be encouraged or be said that "it's okay" or asked "how do you exactly feel about it?" hampers the kind of confidence we earlier had. Embarrassment, shame, unexplainable consciousness about everything that you do is often associated with the changes in body, which consequently affects the lifestyle as well. Suddenly, being asked to wear specific clothes, or being prevented from wearing them, being expected to behave in a certain eye pleasing manner or being monitored more often than before etc. The transition from childhood to adulthood and trying to accept that we are no more kids yet not old enough to make all decisions for ourselves like an adult often gives no space for adjustment leading to a feeling that we are never understood. At this stage it can be very healthy to have someone to talk to in an open and safe space, someone who would listen to what we have say and answer our doubts and anticipations about certain questions that also bring in doubts of whether these questions can actually be asked or not. Discussing how you feel about the changes, getting facts from reliable sources, and feeling normal on changes are few things can make you feel better.