Career Choices

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Isn't it a little primitive that most women are still not encouraged to give their careers top priority and are supposed to have a job mostly as a hobby or as a source of extra income? They are primarily supposed to take care of the family's needs, which can be especially stressful and for women who love their jobs and choose to focus on their careers yet meeting the domestic duties that are unlooked for. Personal choices which should be accepted and respected, yet it gets diluted when it comes to a woman who decides to fulfill her obligation at home as a part time work due to culturally adapted guilt or shame if they actually not willing to do. There also are gender stereotypes existing on how women cannot or should not take specific male dominated career or job and in many cases ridiculed subtly through remarks or being asked to rethink about a decision they are already certain about. Also, work-life balance becomes a major concern, especially for women, who is assumed to take responsibility as a duty at home and usually the situation gets tougher when there is no one within the family to take a stand and help the other members understand the struggle between work and personal lives they go through. Women can take inspiration from other women who have gone beyond social barriers and created wonders to the society and also with that have tried to set examples for being more than someone who runs the kitchen, and see the disparity as a part of social construct and not a nature given responsibility as they can start helping themselves by taking a stand for themselves in things that need changing, understanding and support, especially from one's own family members and on a societal level, women standing up for other women!