Gender Based Discrimination

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We hear so much about women empowerment and how it is the need of the hour but still women all across different strata of society encounter some or the other form of gender based discrimination. Whether the discrimination happen at work (in the form of pay, work assignment or being not taken seriously by male colleagues), mobility outside home, at home (choice of career, early marriage, etc), it is evident across all domains of life. Most of it has been inherited without even questioning about how or why it is that way and has been passed along to this age where the challenges and accessibility outside home have evolved with time. For women and girls to fully participate in their communities and enjoy their rights, they need a life free from gender-based discrimination- a life with the opportunity to be educated, to work safe jobs with adequate and equal pay, to be healthy, and to participate in all aspects of public life. However, women are frequently subjected to gender norms that limit their opportunities, defining them as mothers, caregivers, or homemakers. Not only do these assignations limit women's choices, opportunities to seek education or a career, or ability to be decision-makers in their communities, they also put women at risk of poverty, ill-health, and violence. Women who don't conform - such as those born inter-sexed, lesbians, or transgender people are at heightened risk of violence and face often-dangerous levels of gender-based discrimination. It can be very helpful to have a strong support system in the community as well as at work where women are standing up for women or people who promote equality can spread the awareness in order to curb the everyday discrimination which comes across in the range of subtle to harsh remarks or questions or being ridiculed upon raising a question about the unfair set of rules made for women regarding the above discussed scenarios.