Childbirth is nothing short of a miracle and can be a life altering experience for a lot of women. But for some, pregnancy can be quite distressing as well in this century, where the mother would have to choose whether or not to pursue the career she was in to or whether her partner would be supportive enough to help her cope with the change well. And unplanned pregnancies within as well as outside of marriage can be particularly stressful due to the sudden set of responsibilities it comes with when you are not ready in the former case and unwanted guilt and shame due to being looked down upon, facing the society where single parenting has not been easy in the ages and the distresses like finance, support etc are likely to tag along. There could be a lot of guilt associated with it as well, for example, when it comes to not choosing the motherhood, delaying it, or inability to give full attention to their newborn due to career demands. By keeping a positive and rational outlook towards life decisions like for instance, thinking about how to cope or bring the best out of the change we are being introduced to, in this case motherhood, by discussing it with people who have had an experience with the same or sharing your concerns with your partner or seeking help from someone who could listen to your concerns without being critical about how your thinking process, we are better able to handle such stressful situations by receiving an insight about things that are unknown to us or things which we anticipate might happen to us, say for instance, anticipations about quitting a job after being a mother can be discussed with a working mother. Changes are handled best when they are embraced.