Appraisal and Promotion

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Promotion and appraisals gives us a sense of accomplishment and acknowledgment for the hard work we have put in. We feel bad and lose motivation when our colleagues get promoted ahead of us or when we don't get what we feel we deserve. There could also be times when we unknowingly refrain ourselves from improving our skills or seeing a positive side of the situation. All these things can raise our stress levels.
We can identify our challenges, and hindrances that could stop us from appraisals:

  • Communicating effectively on the parameters with our manager- Know what is appreciated at your work. You may have been only focusing in getting your part of assignment done, but your company might appreciate and values teamwork, or a go-getter attitude. At times work is just not about ticking off your to-do list, but enlarging your job horizon and making company feel that you have added a value to them
  • Tracking on how-and-what of our work progress can be helpful in getting ahead at work!-Let your manager be on the same page with your work progress. Updating about and communicating the challenges that you have overcome may bring attention to your work. Sometimes we only communicate the work that has been done but not challenges faced. Thus we could be more open to feedback on our work for further improvement.
  • Finding a stress buster and learning how to manage these negative feelings can help us in constant growth and improvement in our careers. Know what promotion stands for you, know that you have done your best and move on. If something has slipped from your hands, and something is not in your control it is best to let go and manage the stress that you are facing. You can talk to a friend about it or just dial a counselor to vent it all out!