Work Life Balance

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Here is how work life balance statistics looks like:

  • 33% of people say that managing their work, family and social life has become difficult,
  • 75% want to work from home and still be in track of promotion,
  • 47% work life has increased in past 5 years
In this era, where people bring work home there is a little time left to socialize with people who does not work with us.
This is a problem that takes a toll on us emotionally. We miss being around our loved ones. Even when we are with them, we are not in a mood to give our hundred percent after a hectic day at work. At heart, we want to give our best, but are unable to do it. We find ourselves experiencing stress and emotional outbursts that affects our productivity at work too.
Managing our feelings, frustration can help us reduce stress and maintain healthy work-life-balance. We can also learn few techniques of Time Management to curb the spillover of work overload, reduce stress and manage every area of life diligently.
You can do some of the following things or call us for help:
  • Try relaxing by taking walks or meditating. Engaging in exercises can take away lethargy from you and pump you up with energy.
  • Take short breaks. If your work requires you to stay in office for long hours, make sure you take breaks by calling/texting a friend, taking a walk around the office, socializing with a colleague.
  • Schedule your specific time of the days or days of the month for your personal time. It could be Sundays, Saturday evenings or just 2 days off in a month or two months depending on your work schedule. Plan a short trip, weekend getaway or a vacation with family/friends.