Collaboration and Teamwork

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As a team we are required to accomplish common goals through common support and resource. Respecting and considering opinion of each team member/department, keeping in mind the goal/welfare of the organization is called collaboration. Collaboration is a win-win situation, where assertive and non aggressive tone is used to bring everyone on same page. A collaborative and motivated team leads to increased productivity, efficient problem solving and successful execution of tasks.
97% of employees and executives believe lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or a project. Steven Anderson puts it succinctly "Alone we are smart, together we are brilliant ". A team can be disoriented, if members want to establish personal credibility, spiral distrust, or lacks direction.
So what concerns revolve around teamwork?

  1. Mistrust- When we do not trust our colleagues with their intentions of self-interest
  2. Identification of team-spirit- A team may lack spirit, and fail to identify the common goal they are working on
  3. Conflict in expertise- There could be cross functional teams with expertise in their own. A team may face crisis due to conflict in opinion and matter of importance and priority given to any dimension of an issue.
  4. Communication- This could be major area of concern for most of the teams. Lack of communication may hinder a task or obstruct its growth. The progress needs to be communicated to key people in timely manner.
So how can we help you deal with same?
  1. Team building games: Through experiential exercises and games, one may experience the dynamics of team and its importance in achieving the goal.
  2. Developing team spirit- One may not perceive the organizational goal to be the ultimate goal, and keep on pursuing their own.
  3. Working on communication: We may not be aware of active listening skills, effective writing and body language techniques that can help us communicate more effectively.