Not all of us feel equally well and comfortable with our workplace environment:

  • Politics- When people use their personal influence to achieve what they want; it also called 'politicking'. People may use their power to withhold certain information, may form a good bond with an authority to gain rewards, use their position. There could be times when use of this power to play politics may overshadow the organization goal and take the form of self-interest.
  • Disrespectful treatment- One needs to treated with respect and fairness. It is a primary need to be satisfied at work. The way one gets treated from the up in hierarchy, behaves the same with employees lower to them. Thus the culture of respect and equal treatment needs to be established in every dynamic of relationship in the organization.
  • Harassment- Harassment may not be of sexual nature to be termed as one. It is the extreme of hostile environment. One may face repeated threats, abuse, intimidation that becomes the part of employment status or decision.
  • Lack of appreciation & empowerment- At times organizations are designed as such, where the decision itself to make a decision or to not make a decision is stifled. It is only human to expect to feel appreciated at work as well and not just personal life.
  • Unsupportive colleagues- We need to remember, even a workplace has social groups. Unsupportive colleagues can make work environment uncomfortable for us. Even in work teams where finishing one's assignment may require support from others, it could become detrimental at work.
  • Formal or Informal Culture-One may feel comfortable in a particular environment. For some of us working in unprofessional, or informal culture could be quite uncomfortable and at times just the opposite would hold true!

All of these fetch different reaction from different kind of people and organization. Conversely, an organization can design the structure to suit the process of work outcomes. These can adversely affect our motivation and performance. A happy and cooperative work atmosphere is conducive to growth and enhances job satisfaction. Retaining positivity in a non-supportive environment and improving quality of professional relationships can do wonders!

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