Connect To A Counselor

Are you being treated differently at work? We often come across situations where we feel that our boss and colleagues are unfair to us and biased towards others. We feel that we are being discriminated because of who we are and what we stand for such as gender, age, caste, political, religious beliefs or activities etc. While this may or may not be true in all situations, it does impact us a lot emotionally. We feel low, cheated and give up easily. It may also crush our self-esteem and make us doubt our capability. In times such as these, it may not be possible to change the way others feel about us but we can definitely change the way feel about our own selves. We must believe that we are unique and different and if we believe in our own unique potential, others will sooner or later believe in it too.
A counselor at betterLYF can help you identify your thoughts by delving deeper into the situation, for example by clarifying the frequency of discrimination, behavior with others and countering the present thought.
There could be cases of discrimination requiring the involvement of legality, and subtle in-group tendencies that can be avoided.
You can spread your network across the organization and get more familiar with the practices of the same.
Make a log of evidences, also a log which proves it wrong. You can become a better judge of the situation and the biases that might be prevailing in the organization.
Seek help of a counselor or a job coach/mentor that can help you deal with the situation.
You can look for in-house employee benefit initiatives or wellness programs. Participating in them, and raising your concerns and feelings may also help your company deal with it before it escalates to an unbearable point.