Feeling Lonely

Connect To A Counselor

Despite high potential for social interaction, many of us feel disconnected at our workplaces. Amongst tight deadlines, client calls, team meetings, we sit down with a cup of coffee, nodding to familiar faces and yet we feel lost, unable to share our hearts with anyone. By changing our perspective and letting ourselves be a part of the workplace, we can break this deadlock. Finding like-minded people, valuing and deepening our interactions with our colleagues can break the ice and make us feel connected again. It can also help someone else feeling the same break their own barriers.
A survey concluded that loneliness led to weaker productivity, less motivation, withdrawal from work and low performance levels. More importantly, the study also showed that this doesn't happen in a vacuum that "co-workers can recognize this loneliness and see it hindering team member effectiveness."
We, at betterLYF, can help you dealing with by showing you things in new light and perspective. Some of them could be:

  • Identify why you feel lonely at your workplace- Whether you are shy, you do not get along well with your colleagues, or it is the structure of the organization that facilitates a formal code of conduct. As there will be a concerns that we can deal which are under our control but it would be difficult to deal with the ones which are still our concerns but they not under our control.
  • Take short breaks from work to connect to friends via text/call- For someone who is social, it does get difficult to work in an environment which does not facilitate formation of social groups at work. Talking/keeping in touch on how things are going at work/life to friends outside work can quench your social need.
  • Identify a go-to person at your workplace- This person can help you connect with resourceful people and also make you familiar with the present staff.