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Some of us feel shattered when we are out of job. There could be various reasons;

  1. Not finding the right job- You may be waiting to find the right job due to the expectations you may have from the job or work, or the organization's expectations from their future employee.
  2. Quitting a job because of mismatch in expectations- You may come to understand that staying in an organization/work can bring you more harm or be a sheer wastage of time for both the parties.
  3. Getting fired- you could be a victim of layoffs, where an organization faces a cash crunch or is a victim of economic crisis. These are the situations which are not in your control.
We at betterLYF counseling services would help you gain perspective. Keeping hopes up when we lose our job or are unable to find a job seems really difficult but all is not lost. It is okay to start over.
  1. It's a chance to rebuild ourselves, by focusing in learning something new, sharpening our skills. There are various courses available online as well as offline and that too for a length of short time. There could be nothing as great to justify your gap in employment with obtaining these skills.
  2. Taking this period of time to do things we really like. Instead of looking at it as an unemployment period, we can look at it as a period of rejuvenation and bounce back with a bang. Remember how we crib about us not having enough time for ourselves? Take this as an opportunity.
  3. Leave your organization on a positive note. It might not have worked out between you and your company. But there has to things you learned, for example what did not work out! This is as important to know and learn.